Dear my childhood friend

She walked through the wind. No voice, no words. No one could explain her truth. Sitting on the bench, making a good feeling. Only her, yes only her. Yet, she will decide her journey.

Many times spent with some colours. She’s making right some things from behind. Just slowly and one step closer, she draws herself in reality. How could she know the future?

But her father is always be the gudelines. When she found nothing in the front, daddy will always there for her just to make sure she won’t go to the left side of her life.

Beautiful as I can say this. When her eyes always telling the truth. What makes her live is she believes on what God has said in the Holy Al-Qur’an. Emphasized by her parents, then.

What makes her strong is she keeps moving on in the crying side. Though she tried over times to hide then disappear. No wonder that will come out from me about her. She makes it clear just the way she is.

The childhood she left behind, still marking deep in her heart clearly. The spot that was in her, now has more than enough to drive her to a better side, as she deserved it, always.

And she keeps growing up with her parents nearby. As if they will always light up her path in whatever things come up after her.

Gorgeous that I can draw her face. When she smiles that could make the birds singing. That the sun keeps shining bright and sheds some strenghts to the people needed. That sky feels excited when she engraves the rainbow up there. That her eyes more than enough to share some loves from the inside.

And when a prince comes after her, because of the eyes, because of the smiles, because of the beauty. He knows already that she looks elegant as it spreads out from the inside, inside of her heart.

Fancy and lovely.

Calm and peaceful.

Fascinate. Entice. Enchant. Charm.

As I try to sing along the birds, to express him who she really is. She deserved after all.

And when she meets the prince, the love has begun. And they will always draw some roses in the hearts, as God has decided them living together in love.

Her silence is so meaningful. And her choice has in the right one. This time to let her walk to her prince. I already understand how her father taught her in some years ago.

The new step is in the front. Now is up to her. But she chooses the right person as I always pray for. Let me cry by now just to express how happy I am to see her walking alongside with her prince to coloring the days.

I know her already. Let me once again to tell this that she is the one who dragged me out from my long nightmare. She guided me again to my own path. She helped me to stand by my own legs, again and again. Then this time to say thanks. Thank you to a girl that makes me feel like… as if I have a younger sister in my life.

I know her name, beautiful as she is. Fascinate as always. Since she’s known as Intan, my lovely cousin.

“This poem is dedicated to the very kind person, a good personality, an awsome girl, a best friend, the best sister, lovely childhood friend. She is Intan Fadhilah, that in some days to go will be get engaged by a prince, her lovely man. Congratulations. I will always wish her the best. As I always told to myself, a good girl will be matched by a good man too. See you on the top soon. Proud of you.


June 29, 2020

— breaking reza

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