Hello morning.

Greeting from the east. The sun lights up the sky. New day has reborn. The future is alive. Make sure, there is no wonder in life.

As yesterday we sinked down, down to the underground. I would make a question. Why do we live our lives with all of questions?

Last night we closed the eyes. Greeting in our dream. What makes you still confuse, just go ahead. Dream is not the reality.

But what makes me wrong if I fulfill my life with my dreams. I would like to make it true. As I lead my self to the right path.

Hello morning.

Full of wishes in this heart. And about any things that have no longer beside. I wanna be strong in wherever I am. And for the hundreds of wishes. Just step by step I try to cover up myself from the light of the dark. I could end it anytime.

Day has reborn. For any things that may come over, I hope you understand for every my decision. I was and never, never walked to her side anymore.

And how can I believe this day will be so colorful? When I stand with all of my hopes, I’m trying to color up the whole day as the sunlight does.

Some people are still crying, waiting for justice. With these two hands, and by my weak legs, I try to bury any tears in their face.

As I could create any words to rise you up. I will also create it to raise your red. Don’t give up in order to spend your days.

I taught to learn by any sides. I taught to wash my tears away. I taught to fight my anxiety. Please listen to me, you are not about to an end.

As you live in the city sleeps. Remember you are not alone. I am the one who protects you, though by my words.

I believe you. Deep inside, I can feel your sad life curved in my eyes. I can see how you cry over and over again. Let me give you a hug. Here, there’s still a man to listen to you.

But I don’t need to tell you a story. I know you won’t need it. So let’s try together. We can escape this tragic life, anytime. We can walk away from this nightmare, by now.

Take my hand, I will hold it on. Look at me as I have a smile to you.

This morning we will end our day left. And when the sun is going down, never bury your soul within. Keep it alive as you still have days to be explored. We still have some other days.

Nevermind. Let it be. Let ot go. Someday this journey will be done. Make sure we end it in peace.

I love you. I love me. We love each other.

Rise up!

-Breaking Reza

Writing about short story, poem and perspective.