Just Face It

Reza Fahlevi
4 min readAug 12, 2023
Photo by Sammie Chaffin on Unsplash

Are you afraid of failure?

Are you afraid of the mistakes?

Are you that afraid to face what you thought you are not capable of?

Here, I do not mean to teach you about living this life. Yet, please let me to illustrate of why you or even my own self should face such a thing which we scared of.

Well… a moment before you feel the fear, you still can breathe quietly, talk fluently, smile brightly or dream to reach anything. Then, right after the fright came, you are like losing everything.

Being afraid of something is normal for us as human. But letting the fear controlling mind and heart is not that true as it might ruin ourselves to be a coward — it is not who we truly are us usual.

  • The fear may come from any sides; from the inside or the outside of your soul.

Now let me give one sample; just suppose you are a footballer. From the beginning step until then you have a big chance to play for one of the biggest team in the world, and that team is your most favorite one because you have dreammed to play for them since the childhood. In short, you managed to feel the atmosphere on playing at one of the luxurious stadium, the audience are chanting your name, your mates put the trust on you — everybody is delivering wish over you.

Yet, before you starting to play, the fear has taken its part earlier in your mind so that you are afraid of some things; worrying if you made a mistake, feeling so anxious if you played bad at the end, being so apprehensive if the audiences began mocking at you, being that eery if the opponent player hurt your leg then you can injure in a long time, or even feeling uncertaint that your teammates put the trust on you.

Those feelings come lately and rapidly change everything on you… you begin doubting yourslef. Beside, you have not started to play yet but the passion feels like vanished away instead. It occurs because you decide to think rather to do it.

It is true that thinking of something before doing is good, but to take it too over is not recommended. The over thingking can drag you losing everything including your positive thought. And when you are not able to set your mind works well, it might affect on your body system which is leading you to feel something bad will happen even when you have not really faced it yet. This is what you would gain if you think too much and do not make a move for single step… the fear is taking over your mind, soul and even your body.

Moreover, you have to push your own; phisically and mentally. By now, you have to realize that the only thing to throw away the fear is through facing it. And facing the scare means you must do it for whatever happen in the front. But becuase you cannot predict what will happen next, so keep this in your mind that is you would know one thing between success or failure. If the success you gain, then make sure it will not make you feel enough but keep improving the work. In other side, you get the failure, then thing which you shall do is learn from it and do the progressive efforts to be better than before, until then you succeed to reach your goal.

“Remember, whatever you do, it has its own risks. You cannot run from the those unless you face them all and make things right. And remember, you cannot turn up any situations become better if you only thingking it. Just do and face it to defeat the fear.”

At the end of the day, you still do not know how the result would be, and you will not be able to feel it out if you keep thinking the unnecessary ones. So stop making yourself to be scared of something that you have not know the result yet. Starting by now, all you have to do is being focus on the job.

Do not ever afraid if you did some or maybe so many mistakes, it is normal, anyway. As human learns from the mistake — we exist as this good because failures which we did in the past. In addition, to be better, it means you will fall many times until then you manage to reach of what you are dreaming for.

So, just face the fear and do not let it contolling yourself. Whenever you got an illustration inside the mind which is telling you cannot do one thing, well then just whisper to your own that you can handle it.

If you cannot be as the best for the others, then make sure you are the best for your own. It is not about them since this is your own life journey. Take the fear and face it… you will be success.

This article is written as the self-reminder.