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I’m talking to you what makes me adorable to stay. Talking to you, perhaps I could bring a flower. But don’t tell anyone.

I’m looking at you, staring and questioning whether you have a thing to make me sure. I can bring you a chocolate and spend time as much as we can at night. But don’t tell anyone.

Maybe you’d see me through the eyes. All you can find is nothing unless a lie, however. I bring the answer to drag you wondering twice or more. That’s because you don’t know my hidden truth within. And you keep asking “why”.

This is about realizing; yours and mine.

This is about delivering the desire, when we won’t show it in public.

This is about being ourselves.

And it’s about two sides of the identities showing up from behind.

When I ask you for this, it doesn’t mean you are willing to do so.

And when you do what I want, I can’t say you are about satisfying me.

We live to be acknowledged by the others. And somehow we can’t understand them for a while.

We drink coffee, we talk to keep relationship, we connect a feeling. When I want this, I can force you anytime. But, don’t tell anyone.

As far as I can see, you live to be loved. I may give you love from the unpredictable situation.

“This is a secret that no one should know about”

When you ask me to do what you want, you should have known mine too.

As I said, we may spend night time as much as we want, if our desire could be gained.

But, don’t tell anyone that your body is my love, I won’t tell your friends my money is your love.

Don’t tell anyone the way how I drink those milk, I won’t tell them the way how you lick this chocolate.

Don’t tell anybody the way how I treat the tiny watermelon, since I don’t wanna tell them on how you treat the mini cucumber.

So, do not tell them the way how we release our lust love within the same blanket.

When you realize I have nothing left covering mine, that’s because I know you will give me everything to reach our desire.

That I need to touch your hanger equipment, I need you to act as naughty as you can.

And because I love to taste your tight heaven; a place where I may be my own self, a place to explore art, a place to sigh in peace.

And because I will not tell them how you lie down after me; mixing saliva by delivering strawbery favour.

Since, I know how gorgeous you are, when you let me warm in sweat without any covering in ours.

As we realize to fulfil love by any desire, and we know… we know so far about the hidden sides of us.

“Just let this be as our true dirty secret”

Writing about short story, poem and perspective.