So you’ve gone too far. Driving you to feel any stranges side by side. No longer to live in that area. Shutting the mouth to make your decision. But it’s not enough anyway, not enough to show how this suffers from the inside. As the truth never come out.

You have gone so far away. Creating your own stories to be remembered. Never wonder it could end anytime. You’re in, have been coloring those tragedies. But someday you will understand it.

Your tears from yesterday. Your deep pain is like the enemy. Forgeting and abandoning it… sometimes we have to tell the truth though it feels so painful.

Your night sleep won’t to make friend. Your calmness won’t to share sweet imagination. Your mind can’t show the memories that you’ve created. Keep riding you to see your nightmare, as I am on my way to assist you up above… back then.

And I’m here to listen everything you need. I’m alongside you, waiting you to stop shouting. It’s hurt after all, it’s bad at all. Then I will never leave you as I did. Because this time we have to walk together after we faced the dark side of our lives.

Burn away…

As the dark seems to come back. Entering and sinking down your hopes. Darkening your path for the second time. Pulling you under before you realize you’re have been getting deep down.

Burn away…

As your anxiety has rised again. Closing your eyes from the reality. Forcing your heart to lie when you’re not alright.

The day has come, the choice has decided. Strong, be strong. The risks in the front are about ready to destroy you again, if you’re not ready yet at all.

Maybe, the truth that you expected never come alongside. And it’s okay. Perhaps, the words that you wanted to express never be heard. And I know, things that you really wanted to know never taken place through her mouth to come in to your ears and heart. It is okay, however.

The theater had closed, the drama was already end, the show was over. No more. Make your legs move so you can stay for another place. A better place which is it deserves for you. As I am on my way to control you up close.

Burn away for anything that could lead you going under. No more bad stories, no more tragic memories and no more depressed rising from the inside. I put you up, I close your nightmare chapter. Never again to raise your black shadow within.

As I can hear the truth from your heart. I truly recognize you from the inside. Live your life in peace. Pass it by along with prayers… once again.

Don’t stop walking!

Don’t give up!

Yesterday is over. Since tomorrow you have more days to keep living on. So start by now, today. Forgive, forget, it’s already finished.

Dear a broken man…

I will never go by from you… now and then. Until the end.

3rd November, 2020

— breaking reza

Writing about short story, poem and perspective.