30 Days Writing Challenge

Day 4

Hello from Tanjung Selamat, Aceh Besar. Here is Reza will continue writing challenge which has been in day 4. Today’s topic is about places that I want to visit. Such an interseting part to be talked. So, let’s begin with the fisrt one.

  • Makkah and Madinah

As a moeslim, these two towns are the places where every moeslim dreaming of. Two historical places, iconic, and certainly have the historical site such as Ka’bah in Makkah, or the cemetery of Prophet Muhammad SAW in Madinah.

Beside of visiting Makkah and Madinah is an obligation of the whole moeslims, these cities surely have such a long story back then; the life before Prophet Muhammad was born, and the life after Prophet Muhammad had born. Moreover, Islam grew and evolved started from Makkah and Madinah.

Could be there once in my life is something special. However, I would love if I could see my parents be there first before me.

  • Tourist attraction

I love to go somewhere, spend time alone or with friends and family. There are many places of tourist attraction. However, I will begin the journey from my hometown, Aceh. There are a lot of natural attractions in my town, especially in Aceh Besar.

I, myself, realize… as there are many places to spend with, not all of them have I visited yet. That is why, if I had much time, I will drive myself to see the nature of my own home, you know, like self-relaxing at the beach, hiking hills and the mounts, staying up there within days, looking city above the hill. It’s really something wonderful.

However, by having travel like this, I can recharge myself to grab the ideas from the outside instead of having tired of looking the idas through reading the other authors’ writing.

  • Historical places

As we know, the world is getting old by numbers each year. There are a lot of moments, tragedies, experiences, or even some disasters occured back then. Like Tsunami which came off in 2004 and caused many damages in Aceh. If we are reversing time to centuries ago, based on the experts, it was noted that Aceh has been hit by this disaster for many times in the different districts.

How could the scientist knew about this? They made the estimation, calculation, perception by conducting some studies in some places, one of them is a cave which is located in Geurutee Mount, a mount that separates Aceh Besar and Aceh Jaya. I, myself, don’t really know how the experts learn about it. But, I do really want to browse up the cave. It was said, the cave was the witness of some Tsunami occured in Aceh within centuries. Furthermore, if I am not mistaken, once of each 300 years, Tsunami attacks Aceh (source: . They stated this after learning the condition of the cave.

That is a one of historical places that I really want to visit. Beside of having new experience, I could get more knowledge through it. Certainly, I need people who know about the cave itself in order to explain to me the tragedy of Tsunami in Aceh.

Beside of this, I am intersted to see the cemetery Acehense fighters during war era long time ago. I want to know more about my hometown history since I realize that I have less knowledge about it.

During my visiting to such historical places, I can write the fact which is unknown yet by many people especially Acehnese. So that, people and I may aware of their own homeland history, especially those the teenagers.

  • Visiting many countries

I have a dream of visiting some countries. There is one certain aim, I want to learn languages as many as it possible. During my time in English Department, I realize that people who are living in any countries, they truly have their own cultures, identities, characteristics, behaviors, manners in doing things or greeting the others, etc. All of these produce the differences, particularly toward languages between a person and a group of community, and the entire people of around the world.

I believe, language has a big relation to culture. They are related to each other. A nation will be respected when they decide to respect themselves first by loving anything they have, as I mentioned those in the previous paragraph. But, when the citizens do not admit their culture, then there is must be something wrong.

For an example, we, the Indonesian people decline to speak by using our language. Then the others from any countries will say, . Isn’t that funny?

You may look at the England or Saudi Arabia, why do they have such a big respect from almost the whole world? That’s because they really keep their identity. You can see, how many countries use English or Arabic as their languages?

So, I want to visit countries as many as I can to learn something more especially the languages.

Yes, I do. But, learning through university or courses class, I get the theory only. I may be learn the others’ culture, their manners of doing things or talking, the behaviors… yeah all I get is the theory but I don’t really see through my eyes.

That is why, by visiting countries, I will meet new people, new situation, new part of life, new habits, new knowledge. This will drive me to learn by the experiences, not only through explanation by my lecturers.

However, I don’t even move myself to begin this long journey, you know… 😂

I need time as weel as partner to visit any countries.

  • Visiting my own dream

You know, this is really my wish, my will, my passion, my desire, and also my ambition; my truly dream. I want to visit my dream, what is that? My future wife’s residence.

Yes it is.

Of course.

Am I making a joke about it???


Well, surely I have to come there if I want to marry her someday. Who is she? She is my future wife.

This is my dream, a place, a residence, a house that I really want to visit in; one of. When I want to begin a new chapter with a girl to fulfill our daily life together, then I have to start it with some of preparations. And, one of them is visiting her house… certainly, when the time is right… one day.

I pray to myself.

— Breaking Reza

Writing about short story, poem and perspective.